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We want all our products to be of better quality than the usual products we find.


We want our products to be affordable to everyone. Despite the higher quality.


We believe in taking care of the environment and try to keep our packaging simple but nice.


We care for our clients and your experience, the most important thing is that you’re happy.

Our Story

We started Damaanda a few years ago, Anica, the founder pulled in Martin (her husband) and launched two products, the first was Pocket Lens because Martin wanted something to take better pictures with his iPhone for a more affordable price. The second was the ZilberHaar beard brush, because Anica wanted something to soften Martin’s beard. We sourced great manufacturers we tried plenty of different products until we finally settled on those we have now and they, truly, are great.

Since then we partnered up with Quentin and Aude who brought in the Solar Book Light line, again something we were passionate about and again, we searched for a sustainable product that could last years, not months.

Damaanda is a friends and family affair and we like it that way because rather than obsessing about profits and balance sheets we obsess about making our customers happy and creating awesome products while having fun doing so.

We’re proud of what we have achieved so far and we intend to make it even better.

About Pocket Lens

Pocket Lens was created as we wanted a smartphone camera lens that was affordable for everyone but something that didn’t feel cheap and useless. The plastic clip system was the most practical we could find and we specifically didn’t take other models as we wanted something sturdy. Find out more about Pocket Lens here:

About ZilberHaar

ZilberHaar started when Anica was getting tired of her husband’s beard being so rough. It turns out using a beard brush every day softens a beard.

But being German, Anica was looking for top quality stuff. Searching through dozens of brush makers she found the ideal team that could craft a superb quality beard at an affordable price. We wanted to make sure everything was perfect, a great feel in hand, a pure boar bristle product and made by master craftsmen. And we believe ZilberHaar is the best beard brush product on the market, for an incredibly low price. Find out more about ZilberHaar here:

About Solar Book Light

With the new partners came new and even more sustainable ideas. The Solar Book Light Line was again a passionate subject. Being avid book readers we had enough with book lights that flop around, damage your books or just fall off – not to mention the dilemma any parent knows just too well, when your kids try to read at night and suddenly the only batteries around are empty – well no longer. Solar powering is the new tomorrow and not only helps the environment but is easier on your wallet. So we sourced the parts of what we think is almost a perfect product.

Something that is strong, environmentally friendly and on top of it helps people read more (todays smartphones and tablets made us forget about this pleasure of keeping your nose in a book). The book light turned out to have many more uses than originally planned and is used by families around the world for not just reading in bed or car, but arts and crafts, camping and the comfortable night lights around the house. So we added some kids colors so the entire family can get one, and know who it belongs to. Find more information on the Solar Book Light here:

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About Essentialia Naturals

The Vanille Blanche scented candle was the first product of Essentialia Naturals. It was a very high quality scented candle made in Grasse, the international city of perfume in France.

Unfortunately as Damaanda products sell primarily online, selling a premium scented candle online didn’t work out. There are a few candles left and they wont be re-produced in their current form. But the unique vanilla scent belongs to Damaanda and might return in another form.

If you’re lucky you can still get a candle on Amazon here.

Anica Kath

Anica Kath

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Martin Soler

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Aude Lederer

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