Pocket Lens Line

The original Pocket Lens, now a family of three great products that work together for any smartphone, making photography even better.

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Solar Book Light Line

A brillliantly simple booklight, in Blue and Pink and white that charges with the sun has a sturdy steel neck and it’s surprisingly light.

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ZilberHaar Line

A collection of high quality beard brushes hand crafted by master craftsmen in Germany. The ZilberHaar line is pure materials traditionally used.

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Our rating on Amazon is pretty good, and we’re proud about it. So go see what our customers say.

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What Our Customers are Saying

“Anica and the folks at Damaanda personally reached out to me as soon as the item was shipped and also made sure I received it and was 100% satisfied. They also provided instructions for cleaning, maintenance, use, etc. I was EXTREMELY impressed with the customer service.”

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“Order arrived promptly along with an email message from the maker preparing me for what to expect and how to use the the product. Thanks! ”

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“The seller even has a facebook/twitter/instagram to help you with your photos! Fantastic service! ”

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“I did have an issue with the item not working right, Contacted Customer Service and they were very prompt and fixed it. Excellent customer service! ”

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